North West, Kim And Kanye’s Daughter, Might Be Starting Her Music Career

Kanye West’s upcoming joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, “Vultures,” might be out in a few days, although the official release date has not yet been announced. And according to reports, a good number of A-list musicians are expected to appear on the project, including the rapper’s own daughter, North West.

On Tuesday, December 12, West gave a preview of his brand-new full-length album Vultures to a large crowd of admirers at a Miami club during a “rave.” Some of the biggest personalities in hip-hop were also there, including North, West’s eldest daughter.

It’s no news that the rapper and Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife, are parents to four children, including North, who’s the first. In addition to being there for her father, North decided to show off her musical abilities to the world. Reports have it that North has at least one verse on “Vultures.”

North sounded and looked super adorable, while rapping something along these lines: “It’s your bestie / Miss, Miss Westie / Don’t tryna test me / It’s gonna get messy / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me / Bless me.”

Her delivery of the age-appropriate lines has garnered praise from both the online community and those in attendance.

There’s currently no information on if North appears on many songs included on “Vultures” or whether she intends to release her own music.

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