Official Video Release: Ajebo Hustlers – No Wam

Nigerian music duo Ajebo Hustlers recently dropped their latest single, “No Wam,” a few weeks ago and have now indulged their fans again with a mesmerizing official music video. The track, originally produced by UCEE, has visuals directed by Viktor Awuse, and this track is touted to be a game-changer in the Afro-urban contemporary music scene. Ajebo Hustlers are well-known for their unique style, captivating live performances, and exceptional talent. Their latest release, “No Wam,” is a testament to their musical prowess and will have a profound impact on their listeners. The video tends to play out a cheating scene between two lovers who take their case to the courts and state their claims to a judge, who finds out that they are both guilty of what they’re accusing the other of doing.

“No Wam” takes root from Port Harcourt’s pidgin English, effortlessly translating into the reassuring phrase “no problem.” The 2023 single “No Wam” by Ajebo Hustlers, with its 3-minute and 4-second duration, showcases the duo’s exceptional growth as musicians and their unwavering ability to create top-notch music. This song has been expected to become an instant favourite among their fans and music enthusiasts alike, thanks to its irresistible sounds and lyricism.

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