Ajebo Hustlers – No Wam

Ajebo Hustlers, a popular Nigerian singer-songwriter duo recognized for their distinctive aesthetic and mesmerizing live performances, have once again blessed fans with their fresh song, “No Wam.” This much awaited song is an evidence to their amazing talent and is certain to make listeners relate profoundly. This distinguished duo, who are well known for their distinctive musical taste, has graciously released their latest record, ‘No Wam.’

‘No Wam’ is, to put it simply, a delightful flavor of Port Harcourt’s Pidgin English, a linguistic brew that effortlessly translates into the soothing phrase “no problem.” The 2023 single “No Wam,” which has a duration of 3 minutes and 4 seconds, displays Ajebo Hustlers’ development as musicians and their capacity to continually produce top-notch music. This song is sure to become a fast favorite among fans and music lovers alike thanks to its contagious sounds and enticing lyrics.

UCEE, a music producer of enormous talent, is credited with producing “No Wam.” His expertise and originality are evident in each element of the song, taking it to new heights and providing an engaging listening experience. Fans will definitely be taken to a place where music dominates as they get lost in the alluring melodies and entrancing rhythms of “No Wam.” The Ajebo Hustlers have once more demonstrated why they are regarded as one of the most thrilling acts in the Nigerian music scene right now. As their second official release of the year, this is something of a turning point in Ajebo Hustlers’ musical career. It functions as a strong follow-up to their earlier well-received work, “You Go Know.” The Ajebo Hustlers continually succeed in winning over the hearts and minds of their ever-expanding fan base with each musical project they undertake.

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