P-Square’s Rudeboy Reacts To Nigerians Debating The Funerals Of Wizkid And Obi Cubana’s Late Mothers

Popular Nigerian artist Rudeboy has weighed in on the hotly debated topic of the most costly funerals in the nation. The discussion started after a Twitter user tweeted a list of what they thought were the most lavish funerals ever done in Nigeria. Mothers of Obi Cubana, Esabod Egberi, and Femi Otedola were prominent figures on the list.

Now Rudeboy is participating in the discussion. He recently tweeted his opinions on the subject, adding to the vibrant discussion taking place in Nigeria.

P-Square'S Rudeboy Reacts To Nigerians Debating The Funerals Of Wizkid And Obi Cubana'S Late Mothers, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

He is well recognized for his musical abilities and for being one-half of the well-known duet P-Square. Recently, he used social media to raise awareness of the impact that inflation and the rising cost of living are having on the common person.

Paul Okoye joyfully bought his first car years ago for a meager 120,000 naira, a feat hailed by many in comparable circumstances. He did, however, reveal in his statement that he now spends an incredible 3 million Naira on diesel in a single month.

The statement made by Paul Okoye highlights the significant difficulties caused by increased living expenses and sheds light on their condition. It serves as a sharp reminder that for many Nigerians, inflation and skyrocketing prices for basic necessities have become a terrible reality.

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