Portable States That Those Involved In MohBad’s Death Will Never ‘Blow’ Like Him

Street hip-hop musician Portable predicted that the murders of singer MohBad would never achieve the same level of prominence. The passing of the deceased, popularly known as Imole, drew international notice. As a result, in the days that followed his “questionable” passing, his musical compositions suddenly took a hugely positive turn.

All of his tunes, including ones that were already released, have received a ton of streaming even after his passing. Many claim that, given the love and support he has received, he will continue to shine even after passing away, exactly like his alter ego, “Imole.”

Mohbad’s greatness was acknowledged by Portable, who also just produced a song called “Alimi” in his honor. He lamented the fake love among those in the music business, pointing out how the great American rapper 2pac was jointly eliminated by some people who were envious of his gifts and bright future.

The “Zazu” singer also issued a cautionary note to those who have a tendency to endanger others’ prospects of achievement once they have achieved their own. Portable also recently demonstrated his humanitarian side by donating money to a beggar in Napoli, Italy, as he continues to tour the world.

The musician, whose philanthropic acts have been well publicized, never stops to extend a hand of kindness to the less fortunate overseas.

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