Phyno Recounts Being Advised On Becoming A Cultist And Ritualist In Order To ‘Blow’

Popular rapper Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, better known by his stage as Phyno, has claimed that when he was a budding musician, people advised him to join a cult or engage in rituals if he desired immediate success in his music career. Phyno made this evident when offering advice to aspiring artists on quick paths to success.

He never believed in shortcuts since he thought that success could only come through hard effort, perseverance, and resilience. The rapper gave advice to up-and-coming artists to restrain their ambition for rapid success and to exercise caution before signing with just any record label out of desperation without thoroughly reading and taking into account the contract’s terms.

This news comes just three weeks after the rapper presented a fresh new Maserati to his manager, Priest. The Penthauze manager posted a video of his ‘new beast’ on Instagram, thanking Ezege for the early Christmas gift. He praised Phyno for always ‘spoiling’ every team member and prayed for everlasting prosperity, completely charmed by his blue sleek automobile valued at N40 million.

Before that, the rapper had welcomed his first child and became a serial landlord. He made a large real estate investment after purchasing a 20-unit building in one of Lagos’s affluent neighborhoods.

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