Rema Stuns The Audience With An Incredible Performance At His Toronto Concert

Rema is one of the musicians that has brought Nigerian music to a global audience with his global smash single ‘Calm Down,’ which has topped charts across many countries and set a new Afrobeats record. On August 8, 2023, Rema sold out the 2,500-person REBEL Theatre in Toronto, wowing fans with an outstanding collection of popular hits.

Rema is now on his North American tour, where he has sold out venues in many locations across the country while also rescheduling the Atlanta concert due to poor planning by the organizers. Rema has achieved notable success in Canada, where he is the first and only Nigerian artist to have his debut album ‘Raves & Roses’ certified platinum.

Similarly, Selena Gomez’s collaboration ‘Calm Down’ has been certified seven times platinum in Canada. Rema was seen with American rapper Polo G after his show in Toronto. Rema has continued to set the standard for Nigerian music’s global exportation, with his track ‘Calm Down’ holding the record for the most streamed Afrobeats song on Spotify and also being the most watched Nigerian music video on YouTube.

The massive success of ‘Calm Down’ also prompted Selena Gomez to thank Rema for altering her life by featuring her on the tune, which topped charts in North Africa, the Middle East, and India and holds the Afrobeats’ highest charting record in the UK Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100.

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