Rick Ross And Meek Mill Make Plans To Visit Ghana Together

Ghana will be a tourist attraction and it is thanks to the “Year of Return” initiative. During this peak time of the year, some foreign musicians get so geeked about the idea of returning to Ghana for the Christmas season, so, it’s always a party up in GH every Christmas.

However, this year’s Christmas celebration comes with a twist, as US rappers Rick Ross and signee Meek Mill have their eyes on Ghana as a place for a chill Christmas getaway. Both rappers have both visited the country before, so this second trip would be refreshing their memories.

Both rappers who are respected for their immense contributions to hip-hop, are beyond thrilled about another opportunity to return to Ghana and its friendly and culture-immersed people. With that excitement, Ross, in a video going viral on X, said he can’t wait to see his buddies from the capital again, where he enjoyed fun times in 2019.

He continued by expressing his admiration for the warm welcome given Meek Mill when he had previously visited Ghana earlier in the year. Ross claimed to have been touched by the depth of affection the street boys had shown Meek, which created his eagerness to want to return to the nation a second time.

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