Rihanna Unveils The Songs Of Hers She’s Most Proud Of

Rihanna is letting us in on those songs of hers that are her personal favourites.

For months, since the public debut of her pregnancy, Rihanna has been in the spotlight, making the rounds with every customized maternity outfit she steps out with.  From red carpet events to her most recent Fenty Beauty event in Los Angeles, fans literally cannot get enough of the singer ushering herself into the motherhood phase.

TikTok superstar, Mikayla Nogueira, who has been all over social media with her makeup looks and cosmetic reviews, was, alongside others, offered an invite to Rihanna’s recent Fenty Beauty launch. At the beauty event, Mikayla was able to ask Rihanna a question.

“The people want to know when the album is but I have a better question,” Mikayla said before Rihanna burst out laughing. “What song are you most proud of that you’ve come out with?”

“Oh, sh*t,” Rihanna retorted, thinking of an answer. That was when Mikayla chimed in by adding that her personal favourite was “Unfaithful.” Rihanna feigned surprise in a playful manner, “Most proud of?!” They both laughed, and when the laughter had subsided, RiRi gave her answer.

“I love ‘Needed Me’ and I also love a good ‘Diamond.'” She said, flashing some of her shiny bling. Such a showoff. But we love her like that.

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