Sam Smith Turns Heads In ‘Dramatic Latex Jumpsuit’ At Brit Awards

Sam Smith, the renowned English musician and songwriter who identifies as non-binary, attracted attention by arriving at the 2023 Brit Awards in an inflatable full-body latex suit.

Sam Smith Turns Heads In 'Dramatic Latex Jumpsuit' At Brit Awards, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

It’s not surprising, though, for Fashion lovers who know Sam -Smith frequently grabs attention for his outrageous and unique attire. On Sunday, he opted to dress in a black full-body costume with balloon-shaped sleeves and leggings. In addition to having huge shoulders, arms, and legs, the spectacular attire also included matching platform boots.

As a result of people making memes out of the costume and making jokes about UFOs and “incontinence pants,” it became the most discussed evening outfit on social media.
Others said it was a tribute to one of David Bowie’s most iconic ensembles, a shimmering jumpsuit with inflated legs, while some claimed it bested Harry Styles’ black velvet suit.

The jumpsuit was designed by Keezhathil Surendran Pillai, also known only as “Harri,” who was born in Kerala. According to him, the outfit was created to honor “the beauty of being oneself.”

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 saw one of Harri’s designs become viral. His “balloon pants”—inflatable latex pants—were part of his London College of Fashion graduating collection. Many say it’s from this angle he drew the inspiration.

According to Harri, “Sam was having a lot of hate comments recently after ‘Unholy’ about (their) body image. I wanted to create an image that people have never seen Sam in,”

Speaking with Vogue about the inspiration behind the inflatable pants, Harri explained that he imagined himself from the perspective of his dog.

“The idea about the trouser came from this humorous thought of visualizing me from my dog’s perception. Thinking from his point of view. ‘How will he be seeing me?’ ‘Am I like a giant figure with big legs and a small head?’ That gave me some possibilities about shapes, most of which were anatomically impossible, and motivated me to look for a material that could satisfy those proportions,” He said.

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