Simi And Tiwa Savage Join Forces For Their New Single, “Men Are Crazy”

Nigerian singers Simi and Tiwa Savage have joined forces for their highly-anticipated new song, “Men Are Crazy,” which certainly has the potential to be a success.

The partnership remarkably embodies female unity in the music business, establishing a new standard for more to follow. The talented beat-maker Estarlik Big Fish produced the calm, mid-tempo groove “Men Are Crazy.” The complicated, frequently conflicting feelings that women feel in relationships are encapsulated in the song’s lyrics.

It suggests that guys can be erratic and heartbreaking. There is, however, an indisputable tug that suggests men and women were created to be together despite the absurdity. Women might identify with the song “Men Are Crazy,” which explores the complex beauty of romantic relationships. The song’s laid-back atmosphere makes room for honesty and vulnerability, which makes it even more relatable.

The song also highlights female strength and the value of teamwork. There haven’t been many partnerships between female music industry titans in Nigeria for far too long. Simi and Tiwa Savage, on the other hand, are here to alter the narrative and strongly encourage ambitious female musicians to work together more.

A song that is both appealing and thought-provoking has been performed by Simi and Tiwa Savage. It serves as a testament to the strength of female cooperation and a ray of optimism for the day when Afrobeats women would have a more confident, cohesive voice.

Listen to the new single below:

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