Simi Responds To A Fan Critic Who Called Her New Single “Lazy”

The multi-talented singer Simi Kosoko showed her unwavering faith in her artistic ability by tactfully responding to a social media user who called her lazy and ridiculed her most recent release, “All I Want.”

Before its much awaited release this week, Simi—famously known as the spouse of fellow artist Adekunle Gold—had been teasing fans with brief clips of her first song of the year. But not long after her new song was revealed, an unsolicited reviewer—possibly a fan—took to X to express a critique of Simi’s work, calling it a “lazy” tune and advising her to improve as an artist.

The user complained about Simi’s latest releases, saying they lacked creativity and flair. Simi responded to the criticism with confidence, not letting the negative affect her. Rather than get into an argument, she chose to answer politely and humorously. Despite the critics’ opinions, Simi posted a video of herself dancing happily to her new song on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. It showed her contagious energy and love for her music.

Simi’s calm and collected attitude demonstrates her unwavering confidence and commitment to her work. She confirms her dedication to making music that speaks to her audience while staying loyal to herself by embracing her creativity with grace and humor.

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