Portable Ecstatic To Have Been Granted His US Visa

The street pop sensation, Olalomi Habeeb Oyegbile, popular as Portable, recently shared some exciting news with his followers in a video.

After his promoter previously accused him of being responsible for his unsuccessful application for an American visa because he spoke Yoruba at the US consulate, Portable was involved in controversy. However, he has since turned the tables in his favour.

In the video uploaded on Sunday, May 5, Portable happily declared that his visa application had been approved and that he will be picking up his papers from the US consulate. Overwhelmed with joy, he thanked his followers and invited them to join him in giving thanks to God for the wonderful news.

The Zazu singer was ecstatic as he sang of his great achievement and credited heavenly assistance for it. Thinking back on the difficulties he encountered when applying for a visa, Portable was shocked by the seeming wickedness of certain people.

Anticipating his next trip to the United States, Portable made hints about how he intended to get his money back there. The artist is ready to take on new projects and broaden his horizons on the global scene now that his visa has been obtained.

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