Social Media Car Influencer, Ola Of Lagos, Discusses His Previous Struggles Before Stardom

The “Ola of Lagos,” Waris Olayinka Akinwande, has shared his inspiring path from working as a cleaner to becoming a sought-after influencer. The social media sensation revealed the challenges and victories that molded his route to fame in an exclusive conversation with Cool FM.

Ola was immersed in the bustling metropolis when he initially came in Lagos, where he had hopes of being famous. His first profession was a far cry from the glitz and glamour he is now known for; he was a cleaner who methodically washed homes, clothes, and even took on the chore of washing women’s underwear. He recalled how he had been persistent in approaching folks to offer his cleaning services.

It took enthusiasm and tenacity to make the transition from cleaner to influencer who specializes on car content. Ola of Lagos stated that his intrinsic enthusiasm for documenting moments and posting them online was what motivated him to start making skits and videos about cars.

The former cleaner who has transitioned into a car influencer, two months ago, flaunted his home and his fleet of all-white Mercedes-Benz vehicles while giving gratitude to God for all of his benefits. Mercedes-Benz C300 (C-Class) sedan he purchased in March and ML 350 he received in June after extending his contract with Damos Wellness were the vehicles on show.

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