Iyanya Discusses His Past Financial Struggles And How It Nearly Led Him To Suicide

Iyanya, better known as Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, a Nigerian music sensation, has opened up about a terrible moment in his life when he encountered financial difficulties and even considered suicide. Iyanya found himself in a difficult condition in 2020 after encountering financial troubles that caused him to lose his home and remain in a hotel.

Iyanya spoke candidly about his ordeal on the Tea With Tay podcast, hosted by actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, also known as Taymesan. He said that after losing his home, he had been sleeping in a hotel but was unable to pay the hotel costs.  The chaos intensified when Iyanya became embroiled in a court struggle with his former management, Temple Management Company.

He was charged with “stealing” a business vehicle. As a result of these difficulties, Iyanya’s career collapsed, and he was unable to perform or produce cash. He indicated that the abrupt cessation of his income had a significant impact on him. He underlined that during prosperous times, the flow of money was different, and spending habits tend to differ from those that rely on savings.

Iyanya’s problems took an even more unexpected turn when the COVID-19 outbreak broke out immediately after his last court appearance. He was stuck at a hotel with no stable income and faced difficult circumstances. This buildup of stress and uncertainty drove Iyanya to the point where he considered suicide.

Check out the full tea below:

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