SZA To Receive Special Award From The Songwriters Hall Of Fame

SZA had an incredible year in 2023, and well-meaning fans couldn’t be happier for her! Following the release of her album “SOS” in late 2022, she had several massive hits that catapulted her to super-stardom. It all began with “Kill Bill,”  which stayed in the top 5 of the Hot 100 for months following the album’s release and eventually hit #1 when Doja Cat joined for a remix. As soon as the momentum from that song slowed down, “Snooze” took over and became her most extensive chart hit ever. The track is still on the charts even after 70 weeks, which is fantastic!

Considering her prowess, fans were thrilled to hear that SZA will receive the Hal David Starlight Award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards on June 13th in New York City. This award is presented to gifted young songwriters who significantly impact the music industry with their original songs. SZA is only the second black woman to win this award, following in the footsteps of Alicia Keys, who was honoured almost twenty years ago.

Last year, SZA announced that a deluxe edition of SOS called “LANA” would be released soon. Fans eagerly anticipated the project’s release after the success of “Snooze,”  but it hasn’t been released yet. When SZA dropped the single “Saturn” in February, fans assumed the full album would be released soon after, but that wasn’t the case. SZA revealed she was writing and recording an entirely new deluxe album instead of officially releasing the leaked songs. Many reactions followed, and some observed how difficult it must have been for SZA to deal with the disappointment of the leaked songs. However, they were so happy she took the time to create something new and unique for her fans. SZA’s success in 2023 and the continued run in 2024 have been incredible, and fans are excited to see where her career takes her next.

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