Terry G Stops By Portable’s Recording Studio And Bar In Ogun State

With a sneak peek of a forthcoming music collaboration with the seasoned singer and songwriter Gabriel Oche Amanyi, better known by his stage name Terry G, Portable has thrilled his fans. Portable posted footage of himself and Terry G having fun together in his freshly furnished studio in Ogun State on his social media pages.

The two performers in the clips seemed to have a sincere friendship, which fostered a bond like a brotherly relationship.

As fans excitedly await the release of this fantastic music endeavor, their enthusiasm keep growing. In other news, Portable made an enticing marriage proposal to Papaya Ex, offering her 30% of his entire fortune in exchange for agreeing to become his sixth wife.

He gushed over how stunning she is and declared that she alone is “fishes” rather than just a “fish.” In exchange for agreeing to become his sixth wife, he promised to give her 30% of all of his assets and real estate, but only if she accepted his marriage proposal. By pointing out that if she doesn’t wed a wealthy man, she offends herself, Portable made his argument clear.

Papaya also responded by laughing and agreeing to his last statement about what would happen if she doesn’t pitch her tent with a rich man.

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