Adekunle Gold Creates A Stir Online With His New Hair Debut

Afrobeats musician Adekunle Gold recently put his new hairstyle on full display on the internet, taking both fans and critics by storm. The “High” singer, popular for his new distinctive fashion sense, decided to make a daring shift and had a wig installed, shocking most people.

In an attempt to take a break from his signature style, the singer settled for a white wig that made him appear very close in semblance to the mythical anime character, Gojo Satori.

Adekunle Gold Creates A Stir Online With His New Hair Debut, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Now social media users have their interests peaked, with many curious to learn about the anime character. AG shared this new look on his Instagram page, alongside a footage of the procedures taken to arrive at the final look.

Fans, as expected, are sharing differing thoughts about it on social media. While some applaud the musician for the daring nature he showed by undergoing the makeover, others are simply cringed out by the sudden switch up in appearance. AG appears to be taking pleasure in the recent online controversies he’s been enmeshed in.

The singer faced harsh criticism after being included on the soundtrack of the eagerly awaited Hollywood film, “The Book of Clarence.” Adekunle Gold and Yemi Alade are the only two Nigerian singers scheduled to make their Hollywood debuts through the film’s official soundtrack.

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