Tha Dogg Pound Announce Star-Studded Tracklist For New Album

The dog Pound has returned. The West Coast superstars have been extensively promoting their new album through podcasts. Kurupt and Daz Dillinger have made up after years of animosity, and from what we’ve heard so far, they worked hard to create W.A.W.G. (We All We Got). Even in the title, the group’s recently found cohesiveness is emphasized. However, since Dogg Pound has made the tracklist public, we can confidently say they have a ton of excellent partnerships planned for this record, such as Warren G, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg. This album appears to be a genuine classic of West Coast hip-hop that listeners will not want to miss. To miss.

Officially, Snoop Dogg is not a member of the Dogg Pound. Snoop is a part of the larger D.P.G.C. (Dogg Pound Gangsta Clicc), and Kurupt and Daz have always been with the group. Due to this collaboration with Snoop Dogg and other West Coast icons, the record will undoubtedly have a new and exciting dynamic. The release of this highly anticipated record is something that fans of vintage West Coast hip-hop will eagerly await. He does, however, contribute significantly to this record. With eight of the album’s fourteen tracks, including Tha Doggfather, he easily qualifies as an honorary “third” member. It also helps that Death Row Records, which Snoop presently owns, is releasing W.A.W.G.

Death Row’s original members, including Lady of Rage and RBX, are expected to be involved in a new project. The last song features verses from these artists, who played a significant role on Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic. Butch Cassidy, a native of Long Beach, is also expected to contribute to the project. DJ Quik, known for his innovative production style, is also rumoured to be involved. Battlecat, a West Coast producer, is also expected to contribute to the project. Both DJ Quik and Battlecat are known for creating timeless hits, making their potential involvement highly anticipated. Their contributions would add a new dimension to Cassidy’s album and solidify its place in West Coast hip-hop history.

W.E.W.G., a new album by Dogg Pound, features a diverse production lineup, with Mike & Keys handling most of the tunes. Daz, who produced Dogg Pound’s first two albums, will give newer musicians a chance to shine, ensuring the album doesn’t sound repetitive. Rick Rock, a hyphophile legend, will produce two tracks, including Will The outro, “Who Da Hardest,” will feature Dogg Pound collaborating with DJ Premier. The combination of seasoned producers and up-and-coming talent will produce a dynamic and innovative sound.

W.A.W.G. Tracklist:

  1. Intro (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  2. Smoke Up (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  3. We All We Got (featuring Tha Eastsidaz & Snoop Dogg)
  4. I’m going to Dog
  5. Need Some Space (featuring Blxst)
  6. Favorite Color Blue
  7. Inside of Her (featuring Butch Cassidy)
  8. House Party (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  9. After Hours (featuring DaBaby, Snoop Dogg & Butch Cassidy)
  10. LA Kind of Love (featuring
  11. Grown Up (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  12. The Weekend (featuring Jane Hancock & October London)
  13. Always on My Mind (featuring Snoop Dogg & Butch Cassidy)
  14. Who Da Hardest (featuring Lady of Rage, RBX & Snoop Dogg)

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