Lil Wayne “Tha Fix Before Tha VI” Album Review

Tha Fix Before Tha VI

Lil Wayne

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 29 Sep, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Young Money Records, Inc., distributed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Lil Wayne &Quot;Tha Fix Before Tha Vi&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 11, 2023

The follow-up to his March 2023 compilation, I AM MUSIC, “Tha Fix Before Tha VI,” is New Orleans, Louisiana native Lil Wayne’s twenty-ninth mixtape. The album is a forerunner to his subsequent one, “Tha Carter VI.” A pre-save link appeared in Wayne’s social media bios on 20 Sep 2023, following the release of “Kat Food,” the album’s only track that seemed to be available then.

Wayne stated on the sports show UNDISPUTED on 22 Sep 2023 that the project was a collection of Tha Carter VI leftover tracks and would be released as soon as the songs were approved. On 27 Sep, Lil Wayne would make the official tracklist public on social media. The mixtape’s leading performers are Jon Batiste, Fousheé, and Euro. One of hip-hop’s more erratic artists has always been Lil Wayne. Fans adore this artist because he takes chances and isn’t scared to fly too close to the sun. His continuous “Tha Carter” series, one of modern rap’s most imposing lineages and an entire universe dominated the mixtape download period with a string of unrestrained releases.

Album Art

Lil Wayne &Quot;Tha Fix Before Tha Vi&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 11, 2023

The album art has a red-hued grayscale that features the legendary Wayne dressed in fur coat jackets, rocking his blings, and donning his glasses as he wears a “get-ready” expression.

Tracks And Features

The entry is beyond alluring as Jon Batiste and Lil Wayne trade bars in the abrasive opening track, “Act Up.” While the all-star collaboration “To The Bank” brings together Weezy, Cool, and Dre, “Slip”‘s silky soul, the quiet groove, and those spine-tingling piano notes delve into his introspective side. With Wayne’s performance, the lead single, “To The Bank,” smashes through. The opener showcases Jon Batiste and Lil Wayne’s versatility as they effortlessly transition from aggressive energy to smooth, reflective vibes on other tracks. Wayne’s captivating performance and the mesmerizing piano notes in “To The Bank” make it a standout track.

‘Tha Fix Before Tha VI’, however, is willfully conflicting. Offcuts from the studio floor can quickly go from free-flowing poetry to unfinished concepts. The in-joke “Birds” is messy and shouldn’t have remained that way. Although the beat in “Birds” samples birds chirping, it rapidly becomes monotonous. The ‘Tity Boi’ electronic track doesn’t seem to further the dated-feeling EDM cliche. On the other hand, ‘Tha Fix Before Tha VI’ showcases the artist’s experimental side, pushing boundaries and taking risks. Despite some tracks falling short in terms of cohesiveness and originality, it’s evident that the album aims to break away from conventional norms and explore new sonic territories. While “Birds” may be messy and “Tity Boi” may feel dated, they contribute to the overall eclectic nature of the album, demonstrating the artist’s willingness to explore sounds.

The song “Kat Food,” which Lil Wayne debuted earlier this month, is prominently on “Tha Fix Before tha VI.” At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, he performed that song and “Uproar,” the lead single off his 2018 studio album Tha Carter V. He released “Kant, Nobody,” which included the late DMX, in February.

‘Tuxedo’s’ pop-punk structure fits into many categories. It also satisfies Lil Wayne’s rock aspirations since he has always identified Nirvana as a formative influence by feeding Gen Z’s appetite for Millennial stereotypes. Wayne makes another attempt at rock music on “Tuxedo” (similar to Rebirth), and “Chanel No. 5” is undoubtedly the song of the album. It’s a pleasant piece of grunge-infused trap music, but it’s nearly sure to alienate fans who are already impatiently awaiting “Tha Carter VI.”

The mixtape, which ends with the grating “Good Morning,” is snappy yet often contradictory, short but memorable. It never settles into one lane and resembles an entrée more than an entire course. Each track on the mixtape showcases the artist’s versatility with a range of genres and styles. The abrupt ending with “Good Morning” leaves listeners craving more, making it a delectable taste of what’s coming from this talented artist.


1Act UpLil Wayne & Jon Batiste3:38
2BirdsLil Wayne2:45
3SlipLil Wayne3:30
4Kat FoodLil Wayne4:46
5TuxedoLil Wayne & Euro3:10
6To The BankLil Wayne & Cool & Dre2:12
7Chanel No. 5Lil Wayne & Fousheé3:23
8No New BitchesLil Wayne2:38
9Tity BoiLil Wayne & TheNightAftr5:14
10Good MorningLil Wayne1:49

Album Summary

Lil Wayne has gathered some studio leftovers as a gift for fans, as “Tha Carter VI” appears to be just around the corner. His determination to consistently stray from the norm is demonstrated by the abundance of experiments, collaborations, and drafts in “Tha Fix Before Tha VI,” though it doesn’t always work. Despite the occasional missteps, Lil Wayne’s willingness to take risks and push boundaries is commendable. “Tha Fix Before Tha VI” showcases his versatility as an artist and leaves fans eagerly anticipating what he has in store for “Tha Carter VI.”


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