Victony Releases The Visuals To “Jaga Jaga” With Babyboy AV

Victony, a singer and songwriter, has debuted the official video for “Jaga Jaga,” his most recent collaboration with Babyboy AV. A follow-up to “My Darling” and “Angelus,” “Jaga Jaga” was published in June 2023 and was created by KTIZO. In addition to reflecting the highs and lows of both artists’ journeys together, “Jaga Jaga” also honors the power of their creator to help them get through it.

Victony puts his heart and soul into his music, and this song is no different when it comes to expressing feelings. He muses over his mishap from 2021 and the resulting effects. “Jaga Jaga” is a genuinely emotional track that may pass for a thoughtful, thanksgiving ballad.

The sonic delivery on this track is remarkable, thanks to the talented music producer Ktizo, who has previously cooperated with Victony on projects such as Angelus and Belle Full featuring Crayon. Their previous collaboration chemistry was crucial in syncing the beats with the voices.

“Jaga Jaga” is a teaser for Victony’s forthcoming project, which is set to be released in a few months. This preview is just a taste of the quality of the songs to come. Have a look at the sleek music video below:

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