Video Of Nollywood Actor Chinedu ‘Aki’ Ikedieze Struggling To Teach Daughter Yoruba, Gets Fans Reaction

A viral video featuring Nollywood actor Chinedu Ikedieze, aka Aki, has generated discussion online. The celebrity boasted about teaching his kid Yoruba and then started speaking it. The actor chuckled at himself after trying valiantly but failing miserably, which was the same response many online users had. The video of the actor teaching his daughter Yoruba left internet users in stitches.

In a video, the diminutive Igbo comedy actor was seen trying to teach his daughter the local tongue. In the video, Chinedu Ikedieze showcased his comedic skills as he hilariously attempted to teach his daughter Yoruba phrases and expressions. His infectious laughter and playful interactions with his daughter had internet users laughing with them.

Chinedu, a Nigerian actor, asked his daughter to write as he called out a string of sentences in Yoruba. However, he was visibly struggling and barely getting each word right. After an eternity of words sounding nothing like the Yoruba language, Aki, popularly called, couldn’t help but laugh at himself. Despite his best efforts, he was having difficulty teaching his daughter the language. The video of the actor’s struggle to teach his daughter the Yoruba language went viral on social media, leaving netizens in stitches. Many people shared their opinions, some commending the actor for his efforts, while others sympathized with him.

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