Nollywood’s Mercy Aigbe Gets Coronated As “Arowoshadinni” Of Islam As Viral Video Trends, Fans React

It is no longer news that Mercy Aigbe, a Nollywood actress, is becoming increasingly well-liked among the Muslim community. After announcing her coronation ceremony, the event ultimately happened a few days after she posted about being turbaned as the Arowoshadinni of Yorubaland by the Abd Azeez Islamic Foundation. In a video clip posted online by media outlets, Mercy was seen beaming widely as she was being turbaned.

Famous actress Mercy Aigbe expanded her embrace of Islam on Sunday, October 8. Online videos of Mercy receiving her new Islamic chieftaincy title have lately surfaced. Mercy Aigbe was turbaned as the Arowoshadinni of Yorubaland and was shown in the viral video alongside her husband. After converting from Christianity to Islam, Mercy Aigbe made the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca a few months prior.

The actress was seen grinning the entire time in the viral coronation video. Following the video, some followers said she appeared genuine in her expression of joy. While some internet users still have second thoughts about the actress converting to Islam and being crowned just a few months later, others prayed for her and expressed their hope that she will remain content following her conversion.

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