Nollywood Actor, Zubby Michael, Stirs Up Controversy By Lifting Fellow Actor, Ebube Obi, Onto A Bike Like A Child

Zubby Michael, a well-known Nollywood actor and producer, has created quite a stir on social media with a humorous video starring his colleague, Ebube Obi. Zubby is seen lifting Ebube like if she were a child and placing her in front of a motorcycle in the clip, which is from their next film production.

In the sequence, it appears that the Nollywood stars are playing characters in the film who provide a delivery service. The video highlights the hilarious and enjoyable aspects of their performances, highlighting their on-screen chemistry and ability to engage the audience with their antics.

The humorous video, which Zubby Michael published on his Instagram profile, drew a lot of attention from friends, followers, and Nollywood fans. The on-screen chemistry between Zubby and Ebube has stirred debate and excitement, leaving fans wanting to see the entire film and witness the duo’s captivating performances.

This comes barely three months after the actor had finally met the legendary music duo and twins, Peter and Paul Okoye, famously referred to as P-Square. The actor showed his delight, taking to Instagram to share the news and a video of their meeting. They were seen in the video having a heart-to-heart at one of the twins’ gigantic residences.

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