XXXtentacion’s Son, Gekyume Models The New Merch Collection Of The Late Rapper

The late rapper XXXTENTATION’s new line of merchandise has been modeled by his son, Gekyume.

The clothing line, which was launched on Tuesday, January 23, to honor the rapper X’s 26th birthday, features the rapper’s five-year-old son donning some of the new t-shirts and hoodies.

The apparel line Revenge, which was founded in 2016 by X’s close friend Garette and named after the rapper’s song of the same name, is responsible for the collection. It was revealed after the collection’s release that it had sold out in under 20 minutes.

In addition, a video of Gekyume wishing X a happy birthday while attending what looked to be a birthday vigil was also made public.

It wasn’t until seven months after his father was shot and killed in a Florida robbery attempt in 2018 that Gekyume was born. Just before Gekyume turned two on his birthday in 2021, the mother of XXXTENTACION, Jenesis Sanchez, wrote an open letter discussing her loss and relationship with her son.

The word the rapper created for the child, which means “a different state” or “next universe of thought,” served as the inspiration for his name.

Recently, only months after being the first rapper to have an album pass 10 billion streams on Spotify, X made another posthumous appearance on Kid Cudi’s most recent album, INSANO.

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