Yasiin Bey Finally Admits Drake Is “A Talented MC”; But Wants More “Substance In The Music” Though

Yasiin Bey, the highly acclaimed rapper, actor, and activist known as Mos Def, recently opened up about his thoughts on Drake’s music during an Instagram Live session on January 29th.

Initially, Yasiin Bey compared Drake’s music to the music played in Target, which was received as criticism by many. However, he later acknowledged that Drake is a talented MC and clarified that his intention was not to demean Drake’s work. During the session, Yasiin Bey directly addressed Drake and encouraged him to reach out if he ever wanted to discuss anything. He also expressed his desire to hear more substance in Drake’s music.

Yasiin Bey has always been vocal about his views on social and political issues, and his comments on Drake’s music were no exception. However, he made it clear that he respects Drake’s artistry and recognizes his talent as a rapper. Overall, Yasiin Bey’s comments sparked a conversation about the importance of substance and meaningful lyrics in hip-hop, and his willingness to engage in a dialogue with Drake demonstrates the power of constructive criticism in the music industry.

Yasiin said,

“Drake, if you’d like to speak to me directly, you can at any point,”

. “I reached out to [Dave] Chappelle, actually reached out to you. I DM’d you. You are a very talented MC, but for me, I require more of myself and others than just talent or charm or charisma — particularly in times of urgent crisis. And what I would like to see in terms of creators or creative people in the world, as it relates to our culture, is for people to connect with us beyond the jukebox or the dance floor.”

He added,

“A fair-weather friend can hardly be called a friend at all. The people who party with you — that’s cool. But will they show up for you when you’re at the triage?”

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