Adele Finally Admits On Alan Carr’s Show That She Is Married To Rich Paul

According to reports, Adele and Rich Paul are husband and wife.

The 35-year-old Adele sparked new rumors that the 41-year-old sports agent was her “husband” after she referred to him as such last year. According to reports, she had already officially announced her union to Deuxmoi at her best bud Alan Carr’s comedy event in Los Angeles, where two members of the crowd reportedly corroborated the news.

However, Paul has been playing the defensive and deflective game with news reporters. In response to reports of a potential marriage, Rich had addressed them last month, sharing how he and Adele had “helped each other” over their two years of dating.

Meanwhile, during her September show in Las Vegas, Adele referred to Rich as her husband, igniting rumors that the two were married. A TikTok video shows a woman in the audience screaming, “Will you marry me?” to the singer during her performance.

In addition, when the couple was perched courtside together at an NBA game back in July 2021, they took their relationship public for the first time. And for almost a year now, the Grammy winner has been sporting a pear-shaped diamond ring on her left ring finger.

When questioned about it in the past, she said that it wasn’t an engagement ring and that she just liked expensive jewelry.

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