Father DMW Explains How He Used A Woman’s Disguise To Escape Being Indoctrinated By Boko Haram

A well-known comedian and content producer named Father DMW talked about leaving Maiduguri for Lagos in order to avoid being taken in by the terrorist group Boko Haram. He claims that the group launched a recruitment campaign and grabbed and forced kids to join their groups before arming them for battle.

To avoid being brainwashed, he dressed as a lady and covered his head with a headscarf. The content creator revealed this insight to Vanzu TV during an interview. Father DMW stated that the cult was killing men who wouldn’t join them, so he had to flee to Lagos. When he got to Lagos State, he began teaching himself how to ride a bike in order to support himself.

But it was Afrobeats musician Davido, for whom he handled and did errands, who gave him his big break and put him on the map.

Father DMW has also described how he started dropping by Davido’s home frequently because one of his friends was residing with the “Blow My Mind” singer. He later met Davido, and during one of their encounters, he admitted to the singer that he didn’t own a bike. In order to launch his own business, Davido got him a brand-new bike. The rest, they say, is history.

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