Yung Miami Unfollows Diddy On Instagram Following The Scandal Over The Cassie Assault Video

Troubled American rapper, Diddy and estranged girlfriend, Yung Miami, have been dating for a while, but the mogul’s recent troubles have called the relationship into doubt. The latest twist in the Diddy story involves Cassie, who paradoxically started a major chain reaction of accusations. In general, the hotel video from last Friday showed Diddy hitting Cassie.

It was quite unsettling, and for the better part of a week, fans have been closely examining the apology that followed. Fans are unable to determine whether Yung Miami and Diddy are still together at this time. It appeared from a prior Finsta post that they were still very much together.

Miami has also been active on Twitter in a way that has led some followers to think that she is standing behind her partner. It seems, though, that this is no longer the case. It has been officially reported by The Neighborhood Talk that Yung Miami has unfollowed Diddy on Instagram.

It is impossible to pinpoint the exact time that this occurred. It is especially puzzling how some of these pages manage to stay on top of this information. Whatever the case, digital age behaviors such as unfollowing and blocking matter, even though people who don’t use the internet frequently claim otherwise.

In any case, it begs the question of what Yung Miami is currently thinking. As 50 Cent prepares a documentary, additional women have forward with accusations against Diddy.

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