Zlatan Publishes A New Single, “Good Life (Freestyle)”

Zlatan, the street-hop sensation, has released a new single titled “Good Life (Freestyle).” Zlatan is a well-known personality in Nigerian Hip Hop, with his songs defining the street-hop subgenre with swaggering flows that reflect street cadences and party-starting sounds.

Zlatan is continuing his 2023 run with the release of a new freestyle track titled ‘Good Life’, following the success of his ‘Omo Ologo’ EP. Zlatan performs a victory lap on his new track, flaunting his success and status while reliving his path from undiscovered artist to celebrity status.

Zlatan demonstrates his remarkable lyricism and hit-making prowess as usual, gliding seamlessly between genres and linking the worlds of the streets and the mainstream. This project illustrates the maturation, progress, and continued evolution of one of Nigeria’s most brilliant and recognized musicians.

His most recent endeavor, ‘Omo Ologo,’ exemplifies his ability to strike a balance between the streets and the mainstream. The project demonstrates Zlatan’s ability to create intelligent, meaningful storytelling while keeping his finger on the pulse of Nigerian pop culture.

The song “Good Life (Freestyle)” is a must-listen regardless of whether you’ve been a fan of Zlatan for a long time or are just getting into his music. This song is the ideal addition to any playlist and is likely to win over fans of international and Nigerian music alike. So feel free to listen to it below.

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