Adesua Etomi

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Adesua Etomi Basic Information

Stage Name: Adesua Etomi
Real Name: Tolulope Adesua Etomi-Wellington
Occupation: Actress, Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 22 February 1988 (36) Years Old
Place of Birth: Owerri, Imo, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
  • Corona School in Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Queen’s College, Lagos
  • City College Coventry
  • University of Wolverhampton
Height: 1.68 m
Net Worth: $1M

Adesua Etomi Biography

Nigerian actress Tolulope Adesua Etomi-Wellington, better known by her stage name Adesua Etomi, was born on February 22, 1988. She starred in Knocking On Heaven’s Door, her debut feature film, in 2014. In addition, she received the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her performance in the 2015 romantic drama film Falling, earning her the Best Actress in a Drama award.

At seven, Etomi enrolled in Corona School in Victoria Island, Lagos, where she joined the drama club. She then went to Queen’s College in Lagos before relocating to the UK at 13. In 2004, Etomi graduated from City College Coventry with a diploma in “physical theatre, musical theatre, and performing arts.” She earned first-class honors in drama and performance at the University of Wolverhampton after finishing these studies in 2006 with three distinctions.

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Adesua was born to an Esan father, which makes her an Esan woman. The Esan people are a southern Nigerian ethnic group that speaks the Esan language. The Esan people have traditionally been recognized as farmers, trado-medical practitioners, mercenary warriors, and hunters.


Net Worth

The actress’s estimated net worth is $1 million, or about 421 million Naira. She receives income from her acting work and endorsement contracts with many brands and companies.


She reportedly lives in a large duplex with her husband in the Lekki area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The residence has a private pool with Banky W’s initial “W” at the bottom.


She has a ride of her own regarding vehicles but doesn’t showcase it online. After selling their 2008 Range Rover SUV at auction, she and her husband bought another expensive car in 2018. In addition, the pair is the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.



Olubankole Wellington, better known by his stage name Banky W and credited in movies as Banky Wellington, was born in Nigeria on March 27, 1981. He is a singer, rapper, actor, businessman, and politician. On November 19, 2017, Wellington traditionally wed Adesua Etomi; on November 25, 2017, the pair celebrated their white wedding in South Africa. In 2017, he underwent successful surgery for skin carcinoma on his shoulder. Wellington and Adesua had a son at the beginning of 2021. However, they concealed the pregnancy, which caught many people off guard when the baby was finally born.

Before the general election in 2023, Wellington declared his switch from the Modern Democratic Party to the Peoples Democratic Party, intending to run on the party’s ticket for the Lagos Eti-Osa Federal Constituency seat in the Nigerian House of Representatives once more. However, in the running as the party’s candidate in the Eti-Osa constituency for the 2023 election, Banky W earned the PDP ticket in June 2022.

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Adesua’s father is a soldier and an Esan man from Edo State. However, not much is known about her father.


Her mother’s name is Eniiwaju Etomi. Eniiwaju is a Civil Engineer of Yoruba descent. Eniiwaju is the senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Coventry, England. Her life as a preacher has been highly beneficial to many around her. She conducts a lot of charitable work for the less fortunate in Coventry because she lives there. In addition, she positively influenced her daughter’s life because she joined the church choir and was exposed to God’s things. Adesua claimed in an interview that her mother pushed her into her chosen job route after she failed in her parents’ choice. She was meant to be a doctor, but she decided to become an actress. Her mother did not argue with her about her decision; instead, she supported her daughter’s decision.

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Months after his birth, Adesua Etomi and her husband, Banky W, made their son’s identity public. In January 2021, the couple had their baby, Hazaiah Olusegun “Champ” Wellington. According to Banky W’s Instagram post, the baby is all they could have asked for.

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Adesua’s older brother’s name is Tomi Etomi. He led his younger sister, Adesua, down the aisle on her wedding day in the absence of their father. He is a successful man who has the approval of her sister. Adesua made an excellent post for him on his birthday, January 29, 2020, thanking him for his responsibilities in her life. Tosin is a doctor and scholar who completed his seventh degree before age 40. He is a private individual who has accomplished a great deal.

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Temitayo Etomi, Adesua’s older sister, is also an accomplished individual. In 2010, she started the Redwire Marketing Group, and in 2014, she helped it expand to London. Temitayo began her profession at 17 when she joined George and Etomi Partners as a paralegal officer. At the University of Lagos, she pursued a law degree. Later, she earned additional credentials from Columbia Business School in New York and Bristol University in England. She is thriving in her work and does not compete with her sister because she is doing well for herself.

Adesua Etomi, Yours Truly, People, March 2, 2024


The Arbitration, The Wedding Party, and Falling are among the movies that Etomi has worked on. She won the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama for her work in Falling. She has also acted in notable movies, including Couple of Days, Out of Luck, and A Soldier’s Story. In the fourth and fifth seasons of Shuga, a television soap opera promoting HIV/AIDS prevention, Etomi played Shiela. In Yemisi Wada’s crime drama LasGidi Cops, which launched on television in June 2016, Etomi started playing the role of Amaka Obiora, an undercover police officer.

Who are Adesua Etomi's parents?

Mr. Etomi is her father, while Pastor Mrs. Eniiwaju Etomi is her mother.

Can Adesua Etomi dance?

Yes, she can, in her unique way.

When did Adesua Etomi get married?

The couple held their traditional marriage on November 19, a court wedding on November 20, and a white wedding on November 25, 2017; the latter ceremony was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

What did Adesua Etomi study?

She obtained a diploma in “physical theatre, musical theatre, and performing arts” from City College Coventry in 2004. After completing these courses in 2006 with triple distinctions, she studied drama and performance at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with first-class honors.

When did Adesua Etomi give birth?

She and her husband welcomed their son Hazaiah in January 2021.

Does Adesua Etomi have a child?

She has a son, yes.

Does Adesua Etomi have a sister?

Yes, the actress has an elder sister named Temitayo.

How many siblings does Adesua Etomi have?

Adesua has just two older siblings; a boy and a girl.

Where does Adesua Etomi live?

According to reports, she lives with her husband in their swanky Lekki duplex in Lagos, Nigeria.

How tall is Adesua Etomi?

Adesua stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches.

How Banky W met Adesua Etomi?

It all started with an Instagram DM. Banky W was the one who took the bold step of sending a direct message to his wife on Instagram after stalking her for some time on the internet.

How much is Adesua Etomi worth?

She is reportedly worth $1 million.

Is Adesua Etomi's father late?

Very little is known about her father, so we can’t say if he still lives or is no more.

Is Adesua Etomi from Edo state?

Yes, she is.

Is Adesua Etomi a dancer?

By profession, no.

Is Adesua Etomi left-handed?

Yes, she is. She said so herself.

Is Adesua Etomi related to Pat Utomi?

No. Adesua Etomi is not related to Pat Utomi.

Is Adesua Etomi biracial?

No, she isn’t. Both her parents are Nigerians. She has good genes.

Is Adesua Etomi a model?

Not professionally, but she dabbles in modeling now and then.

What tribe is Adesua Etomi?

Adesua is an Esan lady from Edo State.

What state is Adesua Etomi from?

Though born in Owerri, Imo State, she hails from Edo State.

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