Maddie Ziegler

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Maddie Ziegler Basic Information

Stage Name:Maddie Ziegler, Maddie Z
Real Name:Madison Nicole Ziegler
Occupation:Actress and Dancer
Date Of Birth/Age:30 September 2002 (21 Years Old)
Place of Birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Marital Status:Single
  • Sloan Elementary School
  • Abby Lee Dance Company
  • Pepperdine University
Height:5Ft 7In
Net Worth:$40 Million

Maddie Ziegler Biography

Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

Ziegler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to a mortgage business owner Kurt Ziegler, and Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni. She is of Italian, German, and Polish ancestry.

When she was two years old, Ziegler started taking ballet lessons. At age four, she joined the Abby Lee Dance Company, where she received training in tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, acro, jazz, and aerial dance. When she was six years old, her parents separated, and in 2013, her mother wed Greg Gisoni.

Ziegler has two elder half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage, two older step-siblings from her stepfather, Greg Gisoni, a vice president at Westinghouse Electric Company, and a younger sister, Mackenzie, a singer and dancer who co-starred with her on Dancing Moms.

Before choosing to be homeschooled in 2013, Ziegler attended Sloan Elementary School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Although Ziegler was born and raised in Murrysville, she started working and planning on moving to Los Angeles as a teenager.

She is reportedly best friends with Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Millie Bobby Brown, and her sister Mackenzie Ziegler. Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World is a book the actress published before enrolling at Pepperdine University for college in the fall of 2019. To keep followers informed about all of her initiatives, she created a YouTube account. she remains Chloe’s biggest fan.


amily MemberRelationshipOccupation
Melissa GisoniMotherReality TV star, dance instructor
Kurt ZieglerFatherUnknown
Mackenzie ZieglerYounger sisterSinger, actress, dancer
Michele GisoniStepfatherPhysician
Ryan ZieglerHalf-brotherUnknown


Kurt Ziegler, a mortgage business owner, and Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni welcomed Ziegler into the world. Her parents divorced when she was six years old, and in 2013, her mother married Greg Gisoni, a vice president at Westinghouse Electric Company.


Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

In addition to her younger sister Mackenzie, a singer and dancer who appeared alongside on Dancing Moms, Ziegler also has two older half-brothers, Ryan and Tyler, from her father and her mother’s first marriage, and two older step-siblings from her stepfather, Greg Gisoni, first marriage.


Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

When she was two years old, Ziegler started taking ballet lessons. At age four, she joined the Abby Lee Dance Company, where she received training in tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, acro, jazz, and aerial dance. Ziegler earned multiple awards at regional, state, and national dance competitions with the Abby Lee Dance Company, including the 2014 Dancers Choice Award for Favorite Dancer 17 & Under.

She participated in Paula Abdul’s reality TV show Live to Dance in 2010. The first season of Lifetime’s Dancing Moms, a reality series about the young dancers on Abby Lee Miller’s Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Competition Team and their frequently argumentative families, starred eight-year-old Ziegler and her mother in 2011.

On the show, Ziegler “emerged as the preternaturally polished standout on six seasons,” Until their final season in 2016, she co-starred with her mother and younger sister, Mackenzie.

She appeared in the spinoff Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in 2013. Ziegler became “one of the most recognized dancers in the entertainment world” because of Dancing Moms. It was on this show that Maddie caught Sia’s attention.

She was just 11 years old when she was chosen to appear in Sia’s Grammy-winning music video for the smash hit “Chandelier,” which is when her fame truly began to soar. After that, she traveled to Hollywood to pursue a career in entertainment. She first appeared in several other Sia videos like “Elastic Heart,” “Cheap Thrills, “Big Girls Cry,” and “The Greatest” before switching to acting. Since then, she has landed parts in West Side Story by Steven Spielberg, the Sia-directed musical Music, and HBO’s Fallout.

In addition to giving dancing tours with her sister Mackenzie, Ziegler toured with Sia in 2016 and 2017 in North America and Australia. When Maddie and her mentor Sia are out in public together, Maddie occasionally gets mistaken for Sia’s kid. At one point, a fan recognized Maddie when she approached them in a movie theater and asked if her mom could take a picture of them. In May 2016, Ziegler appeared on the season finale of The Voice with Sia, dancing to “Cheap Thrills.”

She was also a judge for So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation in 2016. She appeared as a guest judge on an episode of Project Runway in 2017 and was featured on the album cover of Sia’s Everyday is Christmas.

Her cinematic appearances include Mia in the high school drama The Fallout (2021), Camille Le Haut in the animated picture Ballerina (2016), Christina Sickleman in The Book of Henry (2017), the titular part in Music (2021), and Velma in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 West Side Story.

Maddie is the youngest person ever to reach 1 million followers on Twitter and the youngest model ever to grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine. In addition, Maddie received the Breakout Performance Award at the 2016 Industry Dance Awards in recognition of her achievements. Choreographers and other industry experts present this prestigious prize to one exceptional performer. During the ceremony, her sister Mackenzie gave her the award.
Ziegler has modeled for or on behalf of companies like Clean & Clear and Capezio, including their Betsey Johnson line, Target, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & Co. Also, she has appeared in fashion editorials and on the covers of various magazines, such as Schön!, Elle, Dance Spirit, Nylon, Vs., Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, People, Dazed, Cosmopolitan, i-D, Billboard, Teen Vogue, Stella, Maniac, Vanity Fair Italia, Flaunt, Paper, Galore, and Russh.
The Maddie & Mackenzie Collection, a clothing collection created by Ziegler and her sister, debuted in 2014. Ziegler covered the 2015 New York Fashion Week for Elle as a correspondent. In 2016, she debuted her casual clothing line, MaddieStyle, for young women and girls.
Her 2017 memoir, The Maddie Diaries, became a New York Times best seller. Maddie was included in the Young Hollywood Portfolio of Teen Vogue. In addition, she was listed among the “30 Most Influential Teenagers of 2015” by Time Magazine and the “19 Rising Style Icons Aged 19 and Under” by Harper’s Bazaar.
Ziegler maintains an active social media presence with over 13 million Instagram followers, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and over 3 million Facebook fans. More than five billion people have watched her dancing videos on YouTube. She has more than 3.5 million subscribers to her YouTube account.


She developed some high-profile friendships as her fame grew. In March 2020, Ziegler started dating up-and-coming musician Eddie Benjamin. The couple shared memories on social media and even worked on some projects. However, in February 2023, it was reported that the duo had decided to end their relationship after three years.

Net Worth

Maddie is said to be worth an estimated $40 million. In the past 12 months, Maddie Ziegler has earned over $3 million through Instagram.


Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

Sia gave the young girl a special gift—a white Audi Q3 truck—for her 16th birthday, which is only fitting. With a starting price of $32,900, the car is not a bad option for a first car. Also, remember that Ziegler did receive it from one of the top pop performers in the world. One of the sportiest luxury compact SUVs on the market is the new Audi Q3. It has a stunning exterior and a 261-hp turbocharged engine underneath the hood.



Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

In 2022, Ziegler made a wise investment when she bought her first house. Ziegler spent $2.5 million on the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the fabled Hollywood Hills. According to Dirt, Ziegler’s new home is 2,020 square feet large and on 21 acres.

She has some privacy because the house is set back a little. The 1958-built home has been remodeled to a more contemporary appearance with a color scheme mainly composed of whites and neutrals.

Movies & TV Shows

Maddie Ziegler, Yours Truly, People, November 30, 2023

Maddie performed her gritty modern routines on shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2003, The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2003, and the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2015. Since then, Ziegler has begun to appear in scripted television programs, including Pretty Little Liars in 2010 and Austin & Ally in 2011, both of which made their debuts not long after one another. In The Book of Henry (2017), which also stars Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher, and Jacob Tremblay, she makes her feature film debut. She showed up for Annie’s audition in the 2012 Broadway production of “Annie,” but Lilla Crawford landed the character.

Ziegler made her acting debut in 2012 when she played Young Deb in an episode of the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. In Episode 34 of HitStreak Summer, a mobile-only series, Ziegler appeared as a guest. In January 2016, she made a cameo on “Ballet and the Beasts,” an episode of the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn series on Nickelodeon. She reconnected with Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn on the “Keeping Up with the Quadashians” episode from January 2017.

Popular Questions

Are Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak still friends?

Yes. She gets to hang out occasionally with Kenzie Ziegler and Chloe. Most “Dance Moms” initial cast members have stayed close friends ever since. They do not see the other girls as much because they reside in other states.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Jenna Ortega friends?

Yes. Jenna Ortega, a “Wednesday” cast member, discussed her friendship with Maddie Ziegler, a previous co-star. She claimed they became close after appearing in “The Fallout” since they both had eccentric personalities.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Sia still friends?

Ziegler and Sia have a close bond with one another after nine years of collaboration. The ballerina and her younger sister, Kenzie Ziegler, were designated godchildren by the “Cheap Thrills” singer years ago. Maddie has been open about how close of a relationship she still has with Sia.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Chloe still friends?

Yes. They are still friends even though they may not get to see often due to the requirements that their tasking jobs demand

Are Maddie Ziegler and Jojo Siwa friends?

Although many girls have different opinions about their former instructors, Siwa and Maddie Ziegler remained friends outside the Dance Mom show.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Sia friends?

Yes. They have maintained a pleasant bonding all these years, and Sia is even her designated Godmother

Are Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler related?

Yes. Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler are siblings

Are Maddie Ziegler and Sia related?

No, not by blood, though. Sia is reportedly Maddie’s Godmother

Are Maddie Ziegler and her mom close?

Maddie Ziegler has always been open about her friendship with her mother, Melissa Gisoni, and now Ex-boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin. Ardent followers of the actress from her time on Dance Mom will remember that Gisoni frequently considered her oldest daughter her best friend.

Are Maddie Ziegler and Abby still friends?

The duo has a strained relationship after Maddie leaves Abby’s dance show. Maddie revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Miller in two years since she left Dance Mom.
In June 2018, Ziegler told reporters, “We don’t stay in touch. But I wish the best for her.

Can Maddie Ziegler sing?

Although Ziegler sang in Music, she has admitted that she is self-conscious and insecure about her voice.

Can Maddie Ziegler still dance?

She pursues dance, acting, and modeling opportunities, including appearances in West Side Story 2021 and Sia’s directorial debut “Music.”

Is Maddie Ziegler and a-list celebrity?

From 2015 to 2017, Time magazine listed Ziegler among the “30 Most Influential Teens” each of those years. She appeared on the Hollywood & Entertainment section of the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She is active on social media, and her Instagram account has over 13 million followers.

How many pirouettes can Maddie Ziegler do?

Maddie can do more than 12 pirouettes in one go.

Where can I watch fallout Maddie Ziegler?

The movie was exclusively released on HBO Max after HBO Max purchased the distribution rights. Every title on the streaming service requires an HBO Max membership to watch.

How can I meet Maddie Ziegler?

She is very active on social media and is verified on Instagram.

Where can I buy Maddie Ziegler makeup?

Her second collaboration with Morphe, the sister brand of Morphe 2, is the makeup line developed by Morphe and Ziegler.

Did Maddie Ziegler go to college?

Yes. It is reported that she attended Pepperdine University for college.

Did Maddie Ziegler win dancing with the stars?

She danced with Sage Rosen on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. They finished second and had Gleb Savchenko as their coach.

Did Maddie Ziegler get married?

No. Her relationship with Eddie Benjamin ended in 2023

Did Maddie Ziegler make it to broadway?

Maddie Ziegler hasn’t performed on Broadway, to be precise. Maddie has had numerous appearances in movies, TV series, and music videos.

Did Maddie Ziegler play on Wednesday?

No. But she is friends with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and was present for the season premiere

Did Maddie Ziegler win a Grammy?

Sia’s Chandelier music video from 2014 starred 12-year-old Maddie. With over 1.4 billion views, the song video won Best Music Video at the Grammy Awards, Best Choreography at MTV Video Music Award, Best Choreography at the ARIA Music Award, and Best Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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