Temi Otedola

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Temi Otedola Basic Information

Stage Name:Temi Otedola
Real Name:Temiloluwa Elizabeth Otedola
Occupation:Actress, Designer, and Vlogger
Date Of Birth/Age:20 March 1996 (27 Years Old)
Place of Birth:Lagos, Nigeria
Marital Status:Engaged
  • University College London
  • University of London
Height:5Ft 7In
Net Worth:$3 Million

Temi Otedola Biography

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Elizabeth Temiloluwa Otedola, often known as Temi Otedola, is the daughter of renowned businessman and billionaire Femi Otedola from Nigeria. On March 20, 1996, she was born In the Nigerian state of Lagos, and Epe is Temi Otedola’s hometown. She is a blogger, an aspiring designer, and a Nigerian actor. She studied Art History at University College London and the University of London.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023


Her parents are Femi and Nana Otedola.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Her father, Femi Otedola, was the largest stakeholder in the publicly listed company Forte Oil and sold his 75% shares to Prudent Oil Ltd. He is now the chair of Geregu Power Plc. He also holds assets in finance, real estate, and shipping. The billionaire also controls Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd. and businesses in the marine and financial sectors. With almost 6% of the shares, he is one of the largest holders of FBN stock. Femi Otedola is thought to be worth over $1.8 billion.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Her mother, Nana Otedola, is a Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist born in London on August 2, 1966.



Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Because Fewa Otedola prefers to maintain a low profile, many Nigerians are mostly oblivious to him. However, the only son and youngest child of famous Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola and his wife, Nana Otedola, is Fewa Otedola. He was born on June 2, 2000, in the United Kingdom. Fewa Otedola hails from Lagos State, Nigeria, but he presently resides in the United Kingdom and attends school there.

Fewa Otedola suffers from autism spectrum disease, a neurodevelopmental condition that reduces social receptivity and causes communication difficulties. He might have been compelled to be private due to his struggle with this condition.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Femi Otedola’s daughter Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, best known by her stage name DJ Cuppy, is a well-known tycoon, businessman, and Temi’s older sister. She has transformed how many people view Nigerian entertainment scenes and their tendency toward stereotyping. She is a Nigerian performer, producer, and musician.

Before moving to Ikeja and enrolling at Grange School, Ikeja, Cuppy spent her first six years there. She then relocated to London to complete her GCSE and A-Level studies. She graduated with a degree in business and economics from King’s College London in July 2014. She received her master’s degree in music management from New York University in 2015. Cuppy was enrolled at the University of Oxford in October 2021 and pursued a master’s in African Studies there.

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

She is one of the wealthiest female DJs in the country, with a net worth of more than $2.5 million. She worked as a DJ for the Red Velvet Music Group, a business she is rumored to run. She has a long series of hits under her belt dating back to 2017, sponsorship relationships with Pepsi, and she is the DJ Ambassador for the company.

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Temi is a half-sister of Olawunmi Christy “Tolani” Otedola. April 21, 1986, saw the birth of Olawunmi Christy Otedola (Tolani). Tolani was born and raised in Lagos; she completed her elementary education there before continuing her secondary education at Adesoye College in Offa, Kwara State. Later, she pursued psychology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland for her first and second degrees. She also holds a diploma in Music and Master performance from Tech Music Schools in London.

Tolani became interested in pursuing a career in music after leaving school after falling in love with music while spending time with her father and listening to loud music in the vehicle. So in 2017, she held her first musical showcase at Terra Kulture Arena on Victoria Island, Lagos, including music from Nigeria. Top performers from the business, including Tiwa Savage, Skales, Dr. Sid, Don Jazzy, Ikon, and Funbi, performed for her.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Temiloluwa Oluwatosin Ajibade, better known by his stage as Mr. Eazi is a business visionary and singer with whom Elizabeth Otedola is romantically involved. The couple hosts a podcast called “How Far with Mr. Eazi and Temi.” On social media, the couple talks about their favorite activities and times, and Many people adore Temi and Mr. Eazi together.

On May 8, 2022, she announced her engagement to Mr. Eazi, her lover. Their potential nuptials in 2023 have been speculated.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

In 2014, she started her career in the entertainment sector. However, she became one of the growing icons in the fashion industry after receiving an education at prestigious international institutions that helped her shape herself. Typically, she uploads photos and trip diaries on her fashion blog JTO Design. Her somber demeanor enhances the quality of her vibrant choice of tones in her spruce-up. She wants to use her design and cultural dissemination to become a well-known icon in the fashion industry.

Temi Otedola, a young fashion influencer, blogger, and stylist, has collaborated with several national and international businesses. These companies include, among others, Orange Culture Nigeria, FarFetch, and Very UK. In addition, Temi Otedola recently played the lead role in the popular Nigerian film “Citation,” acting with other well-known Nigerian actors, including Ibukun Awosika.

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Temi Otedola is a blogger and a style influencer, in addition to serving as an ambassador for a number of charities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria and overseas that promote women’s empowerment and the fight against social injustice. In addition, she joined other celebrities in speaking out during the #EndSARS protest.

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

The young Nigerian woman who wants to become a fashion icon in Nigeria knows it is necessary to pursue her career. Temi Otedola also has a YouTube channel where she chronicles her opulent lifestyle, which includes travel, lifestyle, and exotic living.

Net Worth

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Temi Otedola continues to work hard to establish herself in the entertainment business like her siblings despite being born into one of the wealthiest families in Africa and Nigeria. Temi has collaborated with a number of businesses as a blogger, vlogger, and influencer in fashion. She presently has a $3 million personal net worth.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Femi Otedola recently spent a whopping $218 750 on three Ferraris for his three kids. A deep brown Ferrari was given to Temi Otedola. She also owns a Range Rover Evoque and other high-end vehicles.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Temi Otedola has yet to be reported to own a home, but according to research, she resides in her father’s house in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Whenever she travels abroad, she stays in one of her father’s homes in the destination nation or with her fiance at his place.


Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

She made her Nollywood debut in the 2020 movie Citation with Gabriel Afolayan, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Adjetey Anang, and Bukunmi Oluwasina in the lead role of Moremi Oluwa. She received Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2021 Ghana Movie Awards for “Citation” and was nominated for Revelation of the Year at the 2020 Best of Nollywood Awards. In addition, Niyi Akinmolayan’s feature film “The Man for the Job,” which was written and directed, also featured her as the primary character.

Temi Otedola, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

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