Sean Tizzle ‘Dues’ Album Review


Sean Tizzle

  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 16 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 WIND VANE MUSIC / ONErpm

Sean Tizzle 'Dues' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Sean Tizzle, whose real name is Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, is a talented Nigerian musician and songwriter known for his captivating performances. He was previously signed to Sound Sultan’s Naija Ninjas and started his music journey as a rapper with the 3-Way band. Sean became a star in 2013 when he released his hit single “Sho Lee” and collaborated with Unlimited LA to create the music video. MTN Nigeria offered him an endorsement deal worth 20 million naira the following year. Additionally, he was named a Bacardi Breezer Ambassador in August of that year.

Following four projects, including The Journey, Sean Tizzle is back with his most recent album, “Dues.” After taking a sabbatical from the industry, he wants to reintroduce himself to fans and show off his charming talent. Many will believe that Sean Tizzle composed “Dues” from a place of pain, clairvoyant space, and emotion. It is a relatable and heartwarming album that offers honest stories, making it ideal for any stage in life.

Album Art

Sean Tizzle 'Dues' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

The Album art sees Superstar Sean Tizzle in an animated image with his alter-egos. he is a Sweetboy, gangster, and a hustler -depending on the version of him you get to meet. He seems to be hinting at the music community that he has staked his claim at superstardom and paid his dues as an all-rounder.

Tracks And Features

Sean Tizzle 'Dues' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

The 12-track album begins with the reggae-like jam “Al Barakah,” which has Sean thanking God for his journey thus far as he recounts his struggles and counts his blessings nevertheless. he also takes the initiative to ask God for blessings as he surges forever. The absence of features makes the album even more intriguing, allowing Sean Tizzle to take center stage and display his musical artistry.

“Witness” comes next, and the afro-fusion feel is undeniable. Superstar Tizzle makes it known that he’s now in a phase where his blessings are evident for all to see -and witness. He advises the streets to avoid the “darks” and keeps “their hands clean.”

With vocals that would have been mistaken as Davido’s, “Divine African Woman” is a track that sings the praises of the Black woman -and women in general. The vibey tune makes a beautiful listen, and the lyrics have an ode to the beautiful women in the world.

“With You” gets you in that Sean Tizzle mode of “Gentleman Loverboy.” The track sees the vocalist sings of his love for his love interest and how much he remains in awe of her and doesn’t mind having her all his life. He admits to being ready to do anything to show her how much she means to him.

The progression of tracks makes “Extraordinary” one of the album’s bangers. The vocalist admits to being loved extraordinarily and wants to always reciprocate this extraordinary love to this significant other. The themes of Love and Relationship dwelled upon here.

“Focus” is Sean Tizzle’s love dong to “Monalisa,” he lets her know he is addicted to her and totally focused as he even intends to make her his wife. “Dance” gives off this Highlife feel; the melodious stringy chords will have the dancefloor agog in no time. Sean explains to his audience that happiness is the best investment they can make in their lives and should never be lost.

In “Sure For You,” Sean Tizzle compares his present Love interest to another that left, and he tries to let her know that she is the woman of his dreams as he intends to live his life with her and begs her not to leave. Again, the beautiful strings and chords are pleasant and harmonious.

“Adofo,” produced by Finito, is another great track off the album. Sean Tizzle shows his lyricism and great sense of musical composition and creativity as he gives off the Ghanaian highlife vibe. At the same time, he sings to his Love interest. A sax interlude in between adds some color to the compositional arrangement.

Track number 10, “God’s gift,” is full of the charms of Loverboy Sean Tizzle as he sings in his native Yoruba. At the same time, he tells the listener (and his love interest, as usual) to take life steadily, be cognizant of the struggles and the blessings, and remain grateful to the supreme being as things fall in place, whether in love or life.

“Sean Plenty” has the hustler vocalist singing about his passions and talent. He almost makes braggadocious claims which, when looked into properly, is just him speaking his truths. The vocalist lets the listener know that he is back in the game and his pool of creativity has no end, irrespective of what anybody says.

The Album finale, “Paid My Dues,” is just the superstar “original badman, number one champion,” letting the listener know how it is now and where he stands. The Singer sonorously tells whoever cares to listen that he has “paid his dues” to the music game and deserves a seat at the table, too; after all, life is all a risk. This will come off to many as the artist trying to stake his claim in Afrobeat’s current popularity as he reminds music lovers that even though he was on some hiatus, his excellent works have been speaking for his name even in his absence.


1 Al Barakah 2:45
2 Witness 3:16
3 Divine African Woman 2:56
4 With You 3:13
5 Extraordinary 2:33
6 Focus 2:38
7 Dance 2:58
8 Sure for You 2:42
9 Adofo 3:23
10 God’s Gift 3:20
11 Sean Plenty 2:33
12 Paid My Dues 2:37

Album Summary

The 12 outstanding songs on the highly anticipated album highlight the artist’s solo skill because there are no collaborations. The record is even more exciting because of these features’ absence, which lets Sean Tizzle take center stage and showcase his musical prowess. Famous heavy hitters like Blaq Jerzee, Finito, and other accomplished producers are listed among the project’s production credits. It shows how he has developed as an artist and can captivate audiences with his undeniable talent.

The album’s songs embody a distinct individuality and sincerity that adequately captures Sean Tizzle’s artistic tenets. Fans had already expressed much interest in Al Barakah, a single that had previously been released, and they were eager to hear the remainder of the album. With the release of this project, Sean Tizzle’s career has reached a turning point as he attempts to make a successful comeback in the music industry. Following time for introspection and growth, Sean Tizzle is back with renewed vigor, captivating listeners with his unique style and seductive soundscapes. His consistent presence and dedication to releasing new music please and inspire his devoted fan base. Sean Tizzle’s new music is available on all streaming services, so fans of Afrobeats can listen to it.


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