Sean Tizzle Unveils Tracklist for Highly Anticipated Album ‘Dues’

The Nigerian Music Star Set to Make a Comeback with His Fourth Album

Nigerian music sensation, Sean Tizzle, has recently released the tracklist for his upcoming album ‘Dues’. The album, which is his fourth, is set to be released on June 16, 2023, marking his first album since 2018. The artist, who had a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene in the early 2010s, is preparing to make a grand return after a noticeable absence from the public eye.

The tracklist for ‘Dues’ was unveiled on social media on June 13, 2023, revealing the ten songs that will herald his much-anticipated comeback. Interestingly, the tracklist discloses no features, indicating that Sean Tizzle is set to remind fans of his hit-making ability that brought us tracks such as ‘Sho Le’, ‘Loke Loke’, ‘Perfect Gentleman’, ‘Kilogbe’, and ‘Igi Orombo’.Sean Tizzle Unveils Tracklist For Highly Anticipated Album 'Dues', Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

In a recent statement, Sean Tizzle expressed that it was never his intention to fall behind his contemporaries or to leave the mainstream. However, he plans to make up for the lost time with the release of ‘Dues’. This sentiment has been echoed in his recent introspective Afro-fusion single titled ‘Al Barakah’, released in May 2023.

The upcoming album ‘Dues’ is set to follow up on his debut album ‘The Journey’, which was released in 2014. The 12-track project, as shared on social media, has been garnering attention and building anticipation among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The release of ‘Dues’ is seen as a significant step in Sean Tizzle’s career, marking his return to the music scene and his commitment to his craft. As the release date approaches, fans and music lovers are eagerly waiting to see what the talented artist has in store.

Stay tuned for more updates as we await the release of ‘Dues’ on June 16, 2023.

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