Best 12 Best Grime Artists

Say music and some people will tell you they have seen the pathway to the soul. That is how powerful music is. And it continues to grow in power as new genres emerge and people find ways and means to express themselves through the form.

Music as we know it cannot be placed in one particular spot or orbit. There are many genres of music out there, The only difference is that some are well known more than others. Still, the genres are many and will most likely continue to grow.

Grime is one genre of music that has continued to snag attention ever since its emergence in the 2000s. A genre of electronic dance music, grim developed from an earlier dance style dubbed UK garage. While the genre is not the most resonant at the moment, it has many devotees, as well as top shots.

Yes, there are grime artists and those who might be called the top of the league. They are the focus of this post. So tag along as we share with you what we consider the best 12 best grime artists. The list is given in no particular order, but we are confident you will like it anyway.

1. Skepta

Skepta is a man of many parts. In hip-hop, he stands out; in grime, he also stands out. However, most people will tell you they know him more as a grime artist than anything else. That’s a compliment if you should ask us, especially as the grime universe is not as thronged as that of, say, hip-hop and soul.

If you are not conversant with Skepta’s grime universe, his “Shutdown” should serve as a fine introduction.

2. Ghetts

Best 12 Best Grime Artists, Yours Truly, Articles, June 17, 2024

The grime universe also has a very important voice in Ghetts. With several hits to his name, there is just no reason why this grime magician wouldn’t stand out. The songster has got a dedicated fanbase, as well as noteworthy collaborative features which include the likes of Skepta (mentioned earlier), Stormzy and Ed Sheeran.

3. Stormzy

Stormzy is another name deserving of a spot on this list. In fact, such is his contribution to the grime music scene and corresponding importance that a list of top grime artists can’t possibly be complete. Would you rather argue against that? We’d rather you don’t because of the mighty risk of a “Shut Up.” Oh, chill, that’s just a memorable number from Stormzy and one of many that affirm his sinews.

4. Bugzy Malone

As far as grime goes, Bugzy Malone is one name that cannot be missed in the aristocracy. This creative chanter not only stands out as a solo artist but for the work he has done with other artists as well, grime-focused or not. His “Spitfire” tune, given below, should give you an idea about his grime sinews.

5. JME

The adopted stage name might be short, but JME is pretty long on rating stars. Yes. He is a standout voice in the world of grime artists. And if he should stop making music today, he can be assured of a secure place in the grime universe.

He’s got several numbers to his name, but the one given below better illuminates his sinews as a grime artist.

  6. Wiley

He is a grime artist who not only knows his place but has no qualms about letting y’all know he knows his place – at the top. This manifested in the audacity of naming. “I Call the Shots,” he spat out in a notable offering. That’s the grime “boss” for you. You can check out that number below.

7. Kano

Best 12 Best Grime Artists, Yours Truly, Articles, June 17, 2024

This Kano has nothing to do with Kano state in Nigeria. What you have here is just a name. Well, that’s by the way. The songster came from football. Even since hanging his boots, he has been dropping banging offerings and pushing the grime message out there.

8. Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah. The name sounds so like tiny temper – you know, a short fuse, liable to blow up at short notice. Lol. Jokes aside. Tinie actually stands out as one of the top grime voices out there, with several scorchers to his name. His “Pass Out” tune, seen below, especially stands out.

For one who has seemingly stopped making music, the songster remains relevant in the grime orbit.

9. Giggs

This Giggs is not Ryan. Nope. Giggs is one key voice in British grime. Ans he has shown with numerous numbers that he isn’t going away anytime soon. the champ recently returned to Fire in the Booth with a new freestyle which you can check out below.

Born in Peckham, London, United Kingdom, Giggs, whose birth name is Nathaniel Thompson, also has relatable jams like “Water” and “The Essence” to his name.

10. Akala

Best 12 Best Grime Artists, Yours Truly, Articles, June 17, 2024

Many know him today as an author and activist, but Akala was a prominent name in the grime movement until he pivoted to his current fields of focus. Even at that, he has already earned a secure place in the grime world and merits a spot on our list.

He has released several songs since he popped into the grime plane, but some of them stand out more than others – for fans. Among his standout offerings are “Fire in the Booth, Pt. 1” and “Shakespeare.”

11. The Double E

Best 12 Best Grime Artists, Yours Truly, Articles, June 17, 2024

If you are surprised by this man making the list, you shouldn’t be. The Double E might not be the most resonant voice out there but is a magician of sorts when it comes to creating grime stuff. you may as well think of him as a low-key champ which indeed he is.

12. Lethal Bizzle

What’s in a name? In the case of Lethal Bizzle, we would say a lot, for not only is the songster lethal by his adopted stage name, but he is also equally legal when it comes to dropping the bars – you know, songs that prise you out of the grip of boredom.

One such song appears below and easily gives you a glimpse not only into the songster’s creative orbit but the breadth of his experiences as well. Definitely worth checking.

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