Best 5 Lyrics Websites

Here are the top five websites to find lyrics to your favourite songs.

It is funny how often we sing the wrong lyrics to our favourite songs. Most people would rather vibe to a song on the radio, play them off a popular playlist or even stream them till kingdom come than find out the actual lyrics of the songs.

Thanks to some popular lyrics websites, fans can find accurate lyrics to their favourite hits. Many of these websites have millions of song lyrics dating back to the 80s and even further back. In addition, most sites have apps that connect to the songs playing on your device and display the lyrics over other apps.

Many popular lyrics websites have been around for many years now and have continued to do well. They have become reputable for having the correct song lyrics. Here is a list of the top 5 websites to find lyrics to your favourite songs.


The MetroLyrics site boasts the most expansive database for legal song lyrics. It is the most famous song lyrics platform globally, with over 700,000 titles. The site is easy to access and navigate, making lyrics reading easy. It does not only offer song lyrics; it also presents information about upcoming releases, current top hits, songwriters, star lyrics, and so on. In addition, users can share lyrics to their favourite tracks with their friends using the icons for social media sharing. Unfortunately, classic titles are not expansive as recent ones on the platform.


The AZ Lyrics platform is arguably one of the top platforms to get accurate lyrics to your favourite songs. The site is reputable and known globally. It boasts a database featuring over 300,000 lyrics from over 7,000 artists. It is also well updated with new music lyrics each month and as new songs drop. It is an easily accessible platform that makes it effortless to locate lyrics for songs you want. Artists’ names are arranged in alphabetical order making it easy for fans to spot their faves and know whose song is available. The lyrics are sorted by discography, album, video, pictures, and concerts. Lyrics to recent hits are added as soon as they are lyrics.


Genius is one of the world’s most-visited and globally known sites for song lyrics. They are so popular that they do more than post lyrics; they share credits for the song and invite artists to tell the stories behind the music. They are regarded to have the most extensive collection of lyrics. It is also a crowd-sourced site and offers everything related to music, including information about new releases, album info, backstories, etc. Lyrics on the platform can be translated to other languages making it easy for more than demographics to be attended to.


Musixmatch is another well-known platform for finding song lyrics. It lets you see the full lyrics to songs you want by searching keywords like part of the lyrics, artist name, or song title. It highlights some of the top lyrics on the platform which boast the most searches. This could be the lyrics of a new song or a recently viral one. It also features a section that houses a genre list (for easy accessibility) and newly added lyrics. It supports embedding and song sharing on social media. It also features translation options and allows users to edit.

5. is well-known for its extensive library. Song lyrics are presented in detail and on an easily accessible platform. Like most other platforms, provides information as much as accurate lyrics. Song news, including new releases, top hits, and most popular songs worldwide, are featured on the platform. Searching for songs is very efficient because users can key in parts of the lyrics, artists’ names, melodies, and song titles. Lyrics are provided in both text and video forms. Users can also share their favourite song lyrics with their friends on social media. It boasts some special categories (top songs, top albums, and genres) and presents the option for fans to submit lyrics.

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