Asake Becomes The First Afrobeats Artist To Get Specially Acknowledged By Instagram

YBNL music sensation Ahmed Ololade Asake has been recently recognized by Instagram in a special way. We all know IG is one of the most popular social media site in the world, so this is quite the big deal. In a post shared on its verified page, Instagram praised Asake for his musical genius and stellar performance skills, together with his iconic fashion sense.

They continued by calling the Nigerian singer “limitless.” Along with a detailed caption, Instagram also shared published ten distinct images and videos of Asake in New York, just before his sold-out New York show.

Asake’s stardom did not hit him overnight. While many people just met him in 2022, he had been on his grind, gaining popularity for a long time before that. After releasing his 2020 viral club blockbuster, “Mr Money,” the song received favorable airplay but fell short of the massive break he had looked forward to. However, Asake was not about to relent.

Instead, he showed even more dedication, actively prepping for when his big opportunity finally arrived. Though most people say Asake was simply lucky, others believe it was truly his time. The Afrobeats superstar continues to transcend several barriers within the music industry and even outside of it.

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