Asake Puts On An Amazing Show At His Sold-Out Scotia Bank Arena Concert In Canada

Nigerian Neo-fuji sensation, Asake, thrilled the sold-out Scotia Bank Arena in Canada last night, April 12, 2024, with his contagious vibes. With a brand-new haircut and a lot of excitement, Asake ascended the stage and enthralled the crowd.

Wearing a Raptor 6 jersey, he made a personal connection with his supporters, going so far as to sing in front of them off stage. The 19,800-seat arena was packed, and there was no denying his star power. He filled Canada’s 19,800-seat arena to capacity. For Asake, this year has been significant because it marks the start of something truly remarkable.

He charmed his supporters by giving them lavish gifts, giving them hugs, and giving his jersey vest to one fortunate person. To add a surprise element to the occasion, he also gave a unique performance of an unreleased song to the audience amid all the frenzy.

He sang some of his best-known songs, including Happiness and Joha. But in the middle of the celebration, an unexpected Asake doppelganger showed up at the performance. Although nobody knew his true goals, Asake’s security handled the matter quickly.

This huge feat comes just after the singer was acknowledged for his extraordinary inventiveness by GQ, presenting him with the esteemed GQ Magazine Creativity Award.

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