BBN’s Mercy Eke Reveals Plan To Have A Baby Through Surrogacy In Explosive Interview

Mercy Eke, winner of BBNaija Season 4, recently spoke about her marriage plans in an interview with Hero Daniel. In the interview, she talked about her experiences at the BBNaija All-Stars edition and also revealed that she had previously planned to “buy” a baby when she turned 30, but she is now considering using a surrogate instead. Mercy also shared that she does not want anyone, especially her mother, who attends other people’s naming ceremonies, to pressure her into getting married.

Mercy Eke opened up about her thoughts on marriage, stating that she is not interested in getting married yet and does not want to be forced into it. While she had previously mentioned wanting to “adopt a baby,” she has since changed her mind and is now considering surrogacy as an option.

Mercy Eke, a Nigerian media personality, recently appeared in an interview where she divulged personal information about her family life. In the interview clip, Mercy revealed that her mother is a frequent attendee of naming ceremonies for other people’s children. She also mentioned that people often ask her when her daughter plans to have a child and invite them to the child’s naming ceremony. The interview has caught the attention of many social media users, who have reacted to Mercy’s statement that she is not interested in getting married and the pressures of marriage from family.

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