Beyoncé Becomes The First Black Woman To Reach The Top Of The Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart

Beyoncé’s new single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” officially makes her the first Black woman to achieve No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list.

Beyoncé’s other new single, “16 Carriages,” debuted at No. 9 on the chart, and the previously stated song made up her first two entries, according to Billboard, which released the information on Tuesday, February 20. She teased both songs in a Verizon ad during Super Bowl LVIII, then on February 11 they were unexpectedly released.

Her upcoming album Renaissance: act ii, which is scheduled for release on March 29, will feature the tracks, she also said. Fans had been guessing—mostly by piecing together fragments—that Beyoncé was hinting to a country release, and the unexpected release verified their suspicions.

The lyrics “I’m going back to the South, where my roots ain’t watered down” from Beyoncé’s 2019 single “Black Parade” and her country-inspired style at the 2024 Grammy Awards were mentioned as possible indications that Act II will be a country album.

However, one thing that has previously been established is that the original Renaissance record was intended to be the first in a trilogy. Act III would be a joint project with JAY-Z, according to a since-deleted tweet by New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan from November. Act II would be a “acoustic album.” Bey’s camp made no attempt to confirm or deny this.

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