Burna Boy Links Up With Byron Messia On “Talibans II”

In a ground-breaking collaboration, Jamaican artist Byron Messia joins forces with the African Giant, renowned Nigerian singer, composer, and performer Burna Boy. They start on an unusual adventure together, joining forces to make an extraordinary remix of Byron Messia’s popular single, “Talibans II.”

The astonishing remix is a sound spectacle that combines the two musicians’ diverse approaches and cultural influences from different parts of the world. Byron Messia’s distinct Jamaican flavor, noted for its rhythmic virtuosity and captivating melodies, complements Burna Boy’s Afrobeats style, which has swept the global music landscape.

As it perfectly integrates the best of Caribbean and African musical influences, the single conveys an appealing intensity that will definitely fascinate fans across continents. This outstanding remix is accompanied by an appropriate and visually gorgeous music video recorded in Jamaica’s picturesque settings.

The video is a visual feast, immersing viewers in the culture and spectacular beauty of the island while matching the addictive rhythm of the song. The single was co-produced by a trio of musical geniuses and features an unprecedented confluence of talents. Spaceship Billy, Ej Fya, and Ztekk Records.

The collaboration of these great creators ensures that “Talibans II” will be remembered as a masterpiece. Listen to it below:

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