Céline Dion Documentary On Course To Premiere On Prime Video

On Tuesday, April 16, Amazon and MGM Studios revealed the release date for the much awaited documentary I Am: Céline Dion, which is about the Canadian diva. Tuesday, June 25th, is the global premiere date for the film, which explores Dion’s illustrious career and her recent diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome (SPS), a rare autoimmune neurological illness.

A first look at I Am: Céline Dion was also unveiled, along with the release date for the forthcoming Irene Taylor documentary. The 56-year-old singer of “My Heart Will Go On” was recently seen in side profile with her hair pulled back. Dion is seen in the picture holding up a powerful fist, giving off the impression that she is in an upbeat disposition.

The Grammy winner teased the official summary of the movie and the release date in the caption of the preview photo that she shared on Instagram. A few fans expressed their excitement for the documentary in the comments section.

I Am: Céline Dion’s journey with a life-altering illness is characterized as “a raw and honest behind-the-scenes look at the iconic superstar’s struggle,” according to the official synopsis. According to the summary, the movie “highlights the music that has guided her life while also showcasing the resilience of the human spirit.”

I Am: Céline Dion will make its debut approximately two and a half years after the singer originally revealed to the public that she had been diagnosed with SPS in late 2022.

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