Celine Dion’s Sister Admits That The Singer No Longer Has Control Over Her Muscles

Due to an autoimmune condition known as stiff person syndrome, Céline Dion “doesn’t have control over her muscles,” according to her sister, Claudette Dion.

Her sister stated that Céline “works hard” to fight the disease, she expressed uncertainty about her singing career in an interview with the Canadian website 7 Jours. Dion has experienced uncontrollable muscle spasms for a while now. Following “severe and persistent” spasms, Dion canceled tour dates in January 2022.

Stiff person syndrome, which was first identified in 1956, is an uncommon, incurable, but treatable disorder that affects the brain and spinal column, causing the muscles to overstimulate and spasm. About one in a million persons are affected by the relatively rare condition. Her sister also mentioned how many individuals got in touch with her organization to offer help.

The 55-year-old singer had planned to tour additional cities in addition to carrying on her Céline show residency in Las Vegas, but was forced to take a rain check because of recent developments in her health situation. Since the cancellation on her Instagram page, Dion has since mostly avoided the spotlight.

However, she made her acting debut in the romance film, “Love Again,” released months back in May. The flick has, since its release, been received positively by her fans.

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