Chief Keef Launches His 43B Record Label With Lil Gnar As The First Signee

In collaboration with RBC Records and BMG, Chief Keef is creating 43B, a new record label. Idris Dykes, Keef’s longtime manager, will serve as CEO, with Sophie Kautz serving as head of A&R and marketing. Atlanta rapper Lil Gnar will be the label’s first signing.

“43B has been a passion project of mine for over a year and I’m ready to give artists that are changing the game a label where they can really succeed,” Keef remarked in a press statement, according to Complex. “I’ve been independent for almost 10 years, so I want to pass on my knowledge of the industry to artists who are shifting the culture so they can make it to the top.”

43B, which Keef says stands for “Forget Everybody,” will collaborate with artists and producers on both distribution and marketing services.

“We have spent the last 2 years building out this in-house team with BMG and developing a boutique & tailor-fitted framework for the label to ensure the success of our roster,” Kautz added. “43B will operate on an artist-friendly model, giving our artists and producers the means to flourish in their careers.”

Dykes also stated that the label will focus on “forward-thinking” and “innovative” ideas, which is appropriate for a musician who was just dubbed “the most influential rapper of the decade” by fans.

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