Musician Portable Celebrates His One Year As A Royal Chief

In Ota, Ogun state, Portable, a well-known Nigerian street singer, recently celebrated his first year in office as a royal chief. As the controversial musician and his wife, Ewatomi, left the house in style, they were surrounded by fans. He received a chieftaincy title from the Onitigbo of Tigbo-Ilu land in Ota a year ago as a result of his quick ascension in the music industry.

‘Amuludun of Tigbo Land’ was the title bestowed upon him. The Yoruba word “amuludun” means “one who makes a community happy.” Portable, who was born Habeeb Okikiola, is well known for his frank remarks and outspoken ideas. He has won the hearts of the ‘streets’ with his distinctive music, most of which draws influence from his personal experiences.

He and his wife were serenaded by well-known Ibadan Fuji artist Taye Currency as part of the celebration of his new title.

Additionally, Portable has acknowledged his love for Queen Dami, the late Alaafin of Oyo’s wife. Prior to now, there were rumors linking the singer to Queen Dami. This is in response to the screenshots of their conversations in which they both exchanged sweet phrases like “my king” and “queen” along with heart-shaped emojis that were leaked online.

Nedu Wazobia questioned Portable about the rumor, and Portable responded, “Queen Dami has been my fan from day one.”

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