Chris Brown Offers Usher The Olive Branch Following Heated Altercation

Chris Brown appeared to put the past behind him months after the two allegedly got into an argument when he voiced his respect for Usher during the latter’s Super Bowl performance.

Shortly after the Atlanta native’s much awaited performance at the NFL event on Sunday, February 11, Breezy gave what looks to be a truce-like round of applause to his peer from a distance. With a single emoji, the controversial artist complimented the 45-year-old’s short performance on his Instagram Stories.

Chris Brown Offers Usher The Olive Branch Following Heated Altercation, Yours Truly, News, February 22, 2024

Reportedly, Breezy and his group attacked Usher during a roller rink celebration last spring. Both musicians became popular on Twitter when rumors of the purported fight first spread. TMZ finally verified that there was, in fact, an altercation despite the fact that the circumstances of the incident were first unclear.

Both musicians could be seen at the Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their separate teams, in a video that the outlet posted. Teyana Taylor was with Usher when Brown started attempting to talk to her, and she looked away. The “Run It” hit-maker was reportedly offended by this and started yelling at her.

Then, the “OMG” singer stepped in to defuse the tension. He apparently returned a short while later with a bloodied nose, leading to allegations that he had been jumped by Chris Brown and his group, even though the footage didn’t show what happened next.

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