CKay Highlights Influence Of Music From Other African Countries In The Growth And Acceptance Of Nigeria’s Afrobeat Sound Globally

Chukwuka Ekweani, a budding Nigerian musician popularly known as CKay, recently shared his thoughts on the influence of African music on the Afrobeats genre. CKay asserted that Nigerian music, in particular, has been heavily influenced by music from other African countries and that this influence continues to shape the sound of Afrobeats.

Ckay Highlights Influence Of Music From Other African Countries In The Growth And Acceptance Of Nigeria'S Afrobeat Sound Globally, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Furthermore, CKay explained that Nigerian music is known for its fusion of various genres worldwide. He noted that Nigerian artists have borrowed and adapted musical styles from other cultures to create unique sounds. This fusion of sounds, according to CKay, is what sets Nigerian music apart from different African genres and has contributed to the global popularity of Afrobeats. CKay’s insights shed light on the rich cultural heritage that informs the music of Nigeria and how this has contributed to the worldwide success of Afrobeats.

In a recent interview with Tarmac, CKay shared how the music from South Africa, Ghana, and Congo contributed to the unique Nigerian sound. The talented ‘Love Nwantiti’ artist went on to say:

 “The thing about Nigerian music is, it is very heavy on fusion. We always mixed a whole bunch of things. We try stuffs. The sound is never stagnant.

“We always try to take it forward. We try new stuff. We borrow elements from different places. There was a time when afrobeats was heavily influenced by Ghanaian music. And there was a time it was heavily influenced by South African music. And there was also another time it was heavily influenced by Makosa from Congo.”

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