Diddy’s Ex, Misa Hylton Shares Security Cam Footage Of The Raids; Calls Out Feds Excessive Use Of Force

Recent events have caused a stir in the hip-hop community as it came to light that federal authorities raided two of Diddy’s properties as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations against the rapper. In addition, one of his associates was arrested at Miami Airport when Diddy’s private jet was intercepted by the authorities.

A video of the operation is finally being released, although images of the properties following the raid rapidly went viral online. Misa Hylton—the mother of Diddy’s two sons, Christian and Justin—provided the most current clip. She posted the footage to denounce the federal agents’ use of force during the operation. The counsel for Justin and Christian is investigating allegations of using excessive force, as she also disclosed. Within the week following the raid, information about the specifics of the operations was gradually made public. Included in those claims are claims that the home search turned up several guns. It was discovered a few days later that the federal agents had specifically targeted electronic devices, such as laptops and phones, during their operation. The counsel for Justin and Christian is also exploring potential violations of privacy rights related to the seizure of electronic devices. Additionally, there are concerns about the transparency and accountability of the federal agents involved in the operation.

Her post begins,

“The over zealous and overtly militarized force used against my sons Justin and Christian is deplorable. If these were the sons of a non-Black celebrity, they would not have been handled with the same aggression. The attempt to humiliate and terrorize these innocent young BLACK MEN is despicable! …”

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