Peter Okoye Responds To ECOWAS’s Order For A Standby Force To Combat The Niger Junta

Peter Okoye, a member of the legendary P-Square duo, better known by his stage name Mr. P, has criticized the ECOWAS decision made in response to the political crisis in the Niger Republic. Okoye shared his thoughts on the results of the ECOWAS’s second extraordinary summit, which took place in Abuja last Thursday.

ECOWAS Commission President Omar Alieu Touray declared during the meeting that the group would send a standby force to the Niger Republic in order to restore constitutional order. Touray clearly stated that the regional organization opposed the military coup that had taken place in Niger and underlined that penalties would be applied to the coup leaders right away.

Touray highlighted that ECOWAS is unwavering in its commitment to using peaceful means to restore constitutional governance. Using his Twitter handle to share his thoughts on the current events, Mr. P wrote: “Africa joins the West to fight Africa. Total madness.”

The artist further charged that ECOWAS officials in West Africa were siding with Western countries against the interests of their own people. Although many Nigerians concur with the singer, more recent news about Niger suggests that ousted Niger President Mohamed Bazoum’s safety may not be assured.

Should the Economic Community of West African States seek any military involvement to restore democracy in the francophone nation, the junta that deposed his administration reportedly threatened to assassinate him.

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